About Miss Toby

Horseback Riding Inspirations: Miss Toby's Unwavering Commitment and Passion for Teaching, Fun-filled Activities, and Remarkable Accomplishments

Miss Toby’s journey is one of inspiration, passion, and unwavering commitment. With 40+ years of teaching horseback riding to students, her love for teaching is infectious. Miss Toby’s horseback riding activities are always fun and engaging. From hosting birthday parties, petting zoos, horseback riding lessons, and summer camps, she does it all. She is also a talented rodeo performer, breaking barriers and winning accolades. Her tremendous accomplishments include being the High School Rodeo All-Around Cowgirl in 1979, qualifying for the National High School Rodeo Finals three times, and being crowned the Arkansas Cowboy Association (ACA) Rodeo Queen in 1985 and Miss Arkansas Rodeo State Fair Queen in 1986. Despite being diagnosed with cancer in 2010, Miss Toby continues to inspire and impact all those around her with her strength and resilience. Her dedication to her students and animals has touched many lives. We can all learn from her and her love for life.

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