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Dance Classes

BALLET -- Ballet is the basic building block for all types of dance. Beginning students are exposed to ballet in a fun way by executing skills, such as stretches, points, jumps, walks, skips, and arm motions. Students continue to develop technique, body placement, and flexibility.

POINTE -- Pointe is available to the advanced female dancer with instructor approval. She must demonstrate well developed technique and knowledge of ballet in addition to possessing appropriate posture, strength, foot form, weight, and age.

TAP -- Tap emphasizes rhythm, timing, and individual style.

CLOGGING -- Clogging is a dance that promotes the American spirit that formed it. Clogging provides many flexible uses such as exercise, stress relief, a positive influence and is appealing to people of all ages.

JAZZ / SWING -- Jazz and its variations feature dance fundamentals and freestyle movements, which help develop strength and creativity.

GYMNASTICS -- Gymnastics maintains natural flexibility through running, tumbling, stretching, bending, turning, rolling, and twisting. This results in greater balance, coordination, strength, and body awareness.

POMPON / CHEERLEADING -- Pompon and cheerleading classes focus on essential skills, motions, cheer techniques, dance, tumbling, jumps, and partner stunts. Mats are used while learning to promote safety. Competitions, camps, clinics, and private coaching are available.

COUNTRY WESTERN -- Instruction includes the Two-Step, Waltz, Triple Step, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Hoe Downs, and popular line dances.

BALLROOM DANCE -- Instruction includes the Swing, Waltz, Cha Cha, Fox Trot, Rumba, Tango, and Salsa.

HIP HOP -- Enhance your dance skills dramatically by studying the exciting New York style and funky music video dance steps.

ART - Art promotes creativity, imagination and self-expression.  Students learn painting techniques and skills of drawing.  A completed art project will be taken home after every class.